True Friends !!

"True friends” they are the type of people that cannot be separated from the part of our life. The truth is we can’t do anything alone and can’t live alone without what you so called “friends”. Even when we are traveling we use to make friends not because we can use them but because it’s … Continue reading True Friends !!

Friendship Goals

Being with others forms a bond that is make you all inseparable, dealing with others emotions whether they are happy or sad, and tolerating the craziness personality of one to another, to do anything to the extend just to make everyone happy and sometimes everyone are envy and jealous of the bond that can’t be … Continue reading Friendship Goals

Being Left Out!

Just when you’ve found a friend that you love spending your time with, some other girl comes along and Wham! Those two start hanging out all the time, laughing at things that you don’t think are funny and leaving you feeling sick inside. You’ve left out rejected, and abandoned. It’s one of the world’s lousiest … Continue reading Being Left Out!


You’ve heard the word respect in your life, at home, in school, everywhere. “Respect adults!”, “Respect yourself! “,”Respect the Rules! “, “Be Respectful.” Etc. the thing that I look for most in friends is how open-minded they are. I think that its important that my friends can respect me for who I am. Respect is … Continue reading Respect

A Life Without a Friends!

As a light don't exist without dark, so as life is, one person can’t live without others. That’s the fact that we must accept and that’s also the reason that we exist. Having alone and no one to know us is very sad and I think life has no meaning even in death no one … Continue reading A Life Without a Friends!

Fight Over !

I called my friends some really offensive names. I thought that they would understand because we are friends but they didn’t. I tried apologizing but nothing worked out. Is there a way for them to forgive me? Forgive me not.! you can’t make any one to make anything that they don’t want to do. All … Continue reading Fight Over !

When Jealousy Strikes

Theirs a girl named Cath. Even at her young age Cath always felt an outcast among everyone. Her family was… well, a little different form other families. They planted and harvest their own food, made their own clothes and don’t own a television. Cath’s parents also had a lots of rules and regulation on what … Continue reading When Jealousy Strikes

Enviousness is Poison !

You must be envied about your friend’s thing, your friend’s talent. Either of what you feel, you have to deal with it before it ruin your good friendship. Admitting that you are jealous is good enough to help in saying that “I’m happy for you my friend, at the same time I am really envious”, … Continue reading Enviousness is Poison !